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Her Heritage

 Anything new is contraversial until proven otherwise.


Making History

On the 22nd of August 1851, a new era in revolutionary sailing technology was born as the schooner America breezed across the finish line of the Royal Yacht Squadron's race round The Isle of Wight to become the first winner of the newly attributed America's Cup.


  Her most noted design breakthrough was the unique shape of her hull in sailing vessels, which is said to have been inspired in her designer, George Steers, by "the well formed leg of a woman"; a fine, slightly concave bow which flared out to a wide beam amidships rather than one third from the bow as was the norm then, which gave her considerable power and stability when heeled over, tapered off to a relatively fine wide stern as well. 

The Low Black Schooner

  To this day her legacy lives on as the prestigious America's Cup continues to inspire yachtsmen to push the envelope in cutting edge technology.


  Although the original America has been resigned and scrapped, she has still begot a few to aspire to replicate her beauty and grace. Coracle, The Bamboo Schooner, is one such tribute. Though she is only 2/3 the size of the paragon that was The America, the pure wave-line design of the hull along with other leading edge design attributes from her time, remain unchanged. 


  In following with The America's tradition of being on the forefront of technology, we have created a Coracle out of bamboo.


  Anything new is always contraversial until proven to work.

Her Namesake

 The load of a man

is his Coracle.


On the subject of some Coracles stuffs.


Making Coracle 

Her Claim to Fame

 Why build a boat of timber when you can build one of grass instead.

On the subject of Bamboo...


Making Why Not