Her Crew


                                    The Captain is a salty sea                                                                           dog if ever you laid eyes on                                                                         one. He hails from a long line                                                                       of seafaring folk and had his                                                                       love for sailing whetted as a                                                                         young boy. Deliveries and                                                                             charters are how he filled his                                                                       days as a lad, until he fell in                                                                         love and had a family, after                                                                        which he had a brief lapse of land lubber career moves in construction and property development. Albeit all towards the cause of fulfilling his life long dream of building his own home upon the high seas and taking his family on many adventures. Now he wants to share his lifestyle and passion for cruising with anyone who might share his values.


With a quick wit and philosophical fancies, and a deep rooted knowledge of the high seas and sailing, Captain Dirk is a sure quick friend and hospitable yachty. 

Captain Dirk

Coracle's Crew

Although everyone who comes aboard The Coracle becomes a part of the family, they tend to come and go. There is however, a solid core crew who permanently call her Home.


Chief Mate Michele

The travel bug bit this crew member a long time ago. Living aboard The Coracle Michele has had her travel cravings sated, though she will ever be ecstatic to see more of the world.So eager is she too see new places that when she met Captain Dirk she did not hesitate to pack up and sell all of her belongings and her home within a couple of days to go on a crazy adventure with the motley mariner.It is easy to share ones hopes and ideas about the nomad lifestyle and the history of travel and exploration with Michele’s open, friendly personality. One of her passions is to explore local cultures, delving into the myriad sense assaulting markets and street scenes

Although she knows she really

is the one wearing the pants in

this crew, Olive allows her

humans to think that they are in

charge. If you have a ball in your

hand then you’re her best friend

and if you take her to the beach

then you can do no wrong.

Olive is in charge of security and

does regular perimeter checks to ensure that the birds don’t encroach on her territory. She is also on fish alert.Much fun and constant entertainment is had with Olive and she knows that she’s really the only reason anyone ever visits anyway!

Salty Sea Mutt Olive Dog